Joe Wilson

‘Having boxed as a Junior, I looked to return to the ring after a 20+ year lay-off! The regular gym doesn’t motivate me, boxing does. I’ve dropped weight, feel fitter and boxed in-front of over 1000 people. The results just keep coming – in and out of the ring.’ -Joe Wilson, Chief Clerk, St Philips Chambers.

Julia Sturgess

‘When my trainer suggested I box on a show I thought he was mad, through progressive training I had the confidence to box in front of over 600 people. What an experience. -Julia Sturgess, Actuary

Brian Dean

‘Neil Perkins and his team of expert trainers turned a shy group of barristers into a hungry pack of boxers in under 10 weeks. They became fitter and stronger than ever before’. -Brian Dean, Barrister, No5 Chambers

Steve Quance

‘I signed up to box on a show when I needed some release time. Signing up to box on show was one of the bets things I’ve done. The confidence gained from boxing transferred into all areas of my life’ -Steven Quance, Jewelllery, Self Employed.

Matt Brunning

‘The buzz of the fight was immense. The adrenalin fuelled high lasted for days afterwards. I’d recommend it to anyone’ – Matt Brunning, Barister, No5 Chambers


Aaron Bell

‘I was the kid at school who always missed PT with a sick note, so when I signed up to box everyone was amazed. The buzz of fight night was immense and an atmosphere like I’ve never felt before. I’ve now boxed on three shows and won and lost bouts, it is just as immense win or lose. The knowledge in the team means that I have found a sport I enjoy and trainers I can talk to. After three bouts I am in retirement …..until the next time’ -Aaron Bell, Police Officer, West Midlands Police

Birmingham’s premier boxing gym - personal training, classes, bootcamps, Olympic weightlifting.

The Birmingham Jewellery Quarter, Derwent Works, 6 Henrietta Street, Birmingham B19 3PS
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