What will training be like?

Our training package will be bespoke to the individual and offers for the most comprehensive programme for any White Collar promotion. Sparring will be progressive throughout the fight camp and build from ‘Beginners Intro’ to ‘Open Sparring’. You have access to the head coach throughout who will design your own custom training regime utilising our group boxing and fitness sessions. You will become fitter, leaner, stronger and most importantly a better boxer.

What kit do I need to buy?

Gloves for contest and training are provided throughout. You will need to purchase a groin guard (male only), gumshield and boxing boots are advised.

I’d like some advice, who can I talk to?

Once you’re signed up you access to our team of coaches. If you’d like more info prior to signing up, please register your interest and someone will contact you.

What is required of me?

Prior to signing up to any show you must comply with the T&C’s and required training times, these vary depending on the show. We offer the most comprehensive training package which is why our boxer experience is so good and our stoppage ration (1 %) is so low.


You will need to train under our supervision a minimum of 3 times per week – this is a bespoke programme designed for the individual and can feature morning, lunchtime, evening and weekend sessions.
You will need to attend 70% of sparring sessions.


You will need to sell tickets to a value of £500 (20% of this value you keep for your chosen charity)

How am I matched?

Our experienced team of Boxing Coaches match all contests. We match you 4 to 5 weeks out from contest with someone else on the programme and then separate you into teams. You must have check point sparred them prior and you must weight within 10% of each other or fall under the same weight category (not limit about 14st 4lbs). You are matched on ability and t is preferential to match boxers of a similar age (but not essential)

What if I get injured?

We charge up to the point that we’ve matched you on the process. You will not move forward or be charged for the remainder of the programme.

What if I don’t like it?

Our job is to safely match you and adequately prepare you. No-one can force you to box. You can withdraw at any point in the process, but please speak to our coaching team prior – nerves are normal!

What if you can’t find me an appropriate bout?

If we can’t find you an appropriate bout that complies with our risk assessment, we will refund you every phase of training that you have completed.

I am not on social media, how do I keep updated?

We run weekly Facebook lives in a closed group that can be played back. If you don’t have a Facebook account, you will need to get one if you want to keep up to date with training times and amendments – we do not make bespoke communication modes for you. You are required to watch two 5 minute videos per week.

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