Lifting facility
We have a premium lifting facility that would suit the top Olympic weightlifter equally as it would the recreational weight trainer. The basis of our lifting station is the Wolverson WR2 rig.
We have four independent WR2 rigs each fitted with a full set of auxiliary equipment including dip stations, safety bars and bands. This is an ideal base for big squats, deadlifting, Olympic weightlifting, chin ups and pressing movements. Each of these stations comes complete with one Power Olympic bar, specifically designed for big powerlifting moves, one Elite Olympic bar that is designed for Olympic lifts and a slightly lighter women’s elite bar that is ideal for those new to lifting. With a full set of bumper plates on every station and with premium flooring you can complete a CrossFit style or functional training workout as easily as you can perform your big lifts. This is heaven on earth for the serious trainer who wants to cover his workout in one station. To supplement our rig’s, we have two flat Olympic bench press, a free standing squat rack, two Olympic platforms, GHD, auxillary adjustable benches and dumbbells up to 50kg.

If you would like to learn how to lift effectively, then please look at our Lifting workshops.

Lifting Workshops

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