Stephen Miceli

Stephen Miceli

Specialist Areas:

  • Fat Loss and Body Transformation
  • Hypertrophy/Muscle Building
  • Strength and Conditioning


My mission is simple; provide a professional and affordable service to anyone interested in becoming a fitter, stronger and healthier person. I am a competitive physique athlete with 11 years experience in bodybuilding and four years of professional experience with a proven track record of coaching clients from various backgrounds and goals in the UK and abroad.

My philosophy is to take an evidenced based approach, using well-established scientific principles to ensure my clients receive the best possible coaching and results. I don’t believe fitness should be a quick-fix; my goal is to set all my clients up for long-term success and keep you in the iron game for the long-haul where the real results come. I firmly believe and have experienced firsthand that engaging with fitness can be a catalyst for positive change in various areas of life, and a source of confidence and a greater sense of well-being.

Introductory Offer


First 10 sessions only


£25 per session

£220 for 10 sessions

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