We move into Olympic weightlifting with the ‘easier’ of the two Olympic lifts, the Clean. We look to get you comfortable at getting under the bar.

The technical nature or Olympic lifts mean that not only are they great fun but are great for improvements in core strength, power and fat loss.

This is the workshop for people wanting to increase their power and dynamic strength. This workshop is for people who have previously completed our Fundamental lifting course and powerlifting courses, who are progressing on the Strength Development Programme (SDP). Variations of front squat and cleans are covered along with jerks. We look how to successfully integrate these lifts into your training regime.
This workshop is offered at week’s 7 to 8 of the Strength Development Programme so that participants of the (SDP) can progress into Olympic weightlifting at week 7. Please be aware that if you are looking to move into the Strength Development Programme at week 9 then you must have already completed the Fundamental Lifting & Powerlifiting workshop prior to completing the Cleans workshop.

1 Hour Workshop: Free to ALL HSG Elite Members/ £20 for other users.


Upcoming Workshop Dates

End July 2017….awaiting dates

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If our workshop times do not suit then you can book on a one-to-one basis for £30, please email for more details.

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Movements Covered

  • Front Squat
  • Box Jerk
  • Full Clean
  • Clean Variations

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