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Boxing Gym Birmingham

Triple Pack

Complete Personal Training Solution

£50 instead of £75

Start your journey to becoming fitter, stronger and leaner. Book one Lift, one box and one HIIT session with our specialist coaches. This intro offer is a great way to try different modes of training, sample our trainers and begin your journey to a better you.

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HIIT Personal Training Session

Burn more calories in less time £20

£20 instead of £30

Sample our ‘tactical conditioning’ HIIT protocol on an intense one-to-one session personalised to you. Just three HIIT sessions per week with a sensible nutrition plan would see significant reduction in body fat.

BOX Session

Learn a skill and experience ‘the ultimate workout’

£20 instead of £30

Whether your an aspiring white collar boxer looking to compete or a ‘Fitness Boxer’ looking to become fitter and lose weight, our experienced team of boxing coaches are on hand to deliver the ‘ultimate workout’


Lift Session

Get strong and look lean

£20 instead of £30

Lifting weights is the key to sending your metabolic rate into overdrive. You can learn to lift safely and effectively with our experienced coaches*. All of our coaches can combine Lifting with HIIT training for the complete Strength & Conditioning workout.
*Please note only Steve Foster, Paul Caldbeck and Anthony Rogan can cater for Olympic lifting.

Birmingham’s premier boxing gym - personal training, classes, bootcamps, Olympic weightlifting.

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