Strength Development Programme

Stength Development Programme
Our Strength Development Programme utilises the programming skills of our Strength & Conditioning coaches and their coaching skills in the nurturing environment of our Barbell Club. You’ll work on a progressive and evolving training cycle with variety in the speed, volume and intensity of your lifts. Weekly, we’ll programme your two-day split and prevent the programme stalling, as we enhance your strength and power.

How do I start the Strength Development Programme?

The SDP is inclusive of elite membership at Henrietta Street Gym. To start on this journey, you need to be commit to two Strength sessions per week, you can either attend our Barbell Club to deliver these sessions or work on your own as instructed weekly, we strongly advise attending Barbell Club for the support and advice of our coaching team. New persons are welcome after they’ve completed the Fundamental Lifting course.

Prior to attending Barbell Club, you’ll need to attend our Fundamental Lifting Course
After you’ve attended Fundamental lifting, we’ll automatically enrol you on the Strength Development Programme.

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