Dan Hudson

Specialist Areas:

Body transformation, lowering body fat percentage, flexibility, martial arts conditioning, bodybuilding and circuit training.


Hi, I am Dan
As an ex-combat infantry soldier in the British Army, I have always had a high level of fitness and as Endurance Team Leader, I always put the troops through gruelling circuits to make them proficient conditioned soldiers, I now utilise these top-level skills in my personal training sessions. From very young I have been involved and competed in combat sports such as Kickboxing, Boxing, Muay Thai (Thai Boxing), Brazilian Ju Jitsu and I now bring them together in MMA. Today I focus on Boxing and Muay Thai but consider myself a well-rounded Martial Artist and aim to be a master of combat, I have even had the pleasure of training in Thailand on more than one occasion to study the real authenticity of the art of Muay Thai. I have developed body transformation and bodybuilding programmes, strong man workouts, and have focused on sport conditioning fighters.


Mobile: 07989 818 149
Facebook page: Dan Hudson
Instagram: dan_hudson_pit
Email: hudsontraining@hotmail.co.uk

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