In 2001, an aspiring amateur boxer enrolled himself on a Personal Training course as he looked to start a new career. Driven by the success from transforming his physical and mental state through exercise, he looked to pass on his knowledge to others.

At the time of starting work as a PT, Neil Perkins had only accrued one amateur boxing bout. As his knowledge of his own body increased, he passed on more knowledge to his growing client base. He was head hunted to work at some of London’s White Collar Boxing gyms, where he was involved with the training of white collar boxers in the shows that were frequenting the capital. This gave him inspiration to set something similar up in Birmingham. He returned from the capital and in 2004 and re-established his client base in Birmingham, locating his business from an amateur boxing gym. He added group boxing classes (not boxercise) that was targeted at over 21’s everyday people, this proved highly successful. He recruited his amateur boxing coach Paul Gough and a second trainer Jamie Cahill to join the team. Fighting Fit Personal Training was born and booming! Based on providing authentic boxing workouts available on both a one-to-one basis and in group orientated sessions.

This wasn’t targeted at boxers, but the ‘everyman’ who wanted to experience the training methodology that had previously been restricted to those in ‘the world of the fight’, the brand grew. Neil was now an elite level amateur boxer with a wealth of experience in boxing and an established PT with a full-time diary and an array of group classes.

In 2007 Neil took a massive gamble. He relocated his business from the outskirts of Birmingham and relocated to the city centre. This was where his target market was going to be based if he was going to emulate the capitals White Collar Boxing gyms, Fighting Fit City Gym was born.

A second crucial change in Neil’s life came at this point. With international boxing the only way to progress as an amateur boxer, and with him unable to commit to the schedule demanded as an international boxer he launched his professional boxing career in conjunction with his new gym. With 2007 and 2008 seeing a downturn in the economy, but the gym bucked the trend and was a huge success and Birmingham took to this new workout craze. Both Fighting Fit City Gym and Neil’s boxing career grew and gained momentum. As Neil’s boxing career grew, he sparred and spent time with multiple world champion boxers, with David Haye been the most prominent name on his CV. This up close and personal time with world class athletes gave him further insight into elite level coaching and what is required to get your body to maximise its potential. A sensational knockout loss in 2009, made Neil revaluate his boxing career. He re-thought his boxing and spoke with David Hayes trainer Adam Booth about continuing his boxing career. Booth had some suggestions for how Neil should progress his boxing career. As an advocate in sports science Adam Booth advised that Neil look at his Nutrition and Strength & Conditioning to maximise bodies potential. Intrigued, Neil looked to increase his knowledge base to these fields. With a business that was growing and with an honest assessment of his level of potential as a boxer he decided to hang up the gloves as a professional. He learnt more about Strength & Conditioning, nutrition and programme planning via external courses with reputable and recommend training providers. With this new knowledge, he was keen for some test studies to work with. He remained in coaching and worked with several boxers and with an aspiring MMA fighter, Tom Breese (now in the UFC).

He not only added Olympic lifting and nutrition qualifications to his CV, but also to the team at the gym that now worked out of the thriving gym. This was expanding the knowledge base at the gym beyond his own remit and it’s members benefited from this cutting edge knowledge. Along with boxing class and ‘beasting’ style circuits, the gym now offered Olympic weightlifting, body transformations, Strength & Conditioning and an array of experienced Personal Trainers.

Fighting Fit City Gym had an array of knowledgeable trainers, provided first class workouts and was Birmingham’s premier white collar boxing gym. It was now 5 years old and in need of a revamp. Its changing rooms were substandard and the gym looked tired.

With landlord looking to redevelop the building, it was time for a change. A member at the gym was a self-described building reanimator (not developer) and was investing considerably in the thriving Jewellery Quarter. He had a proposal that could not be turned down.
We’d have a custom-built gym, in a building that would be acquired for purpose. This building would retain its original features with brick walls and reanimated features. We’d customise the space and fittings for our requirements. The changing rooms and gym would be unlike anything seen in the UK and provide a space that people would like train in.

Javelin Block built this amazing gym, we’ve spared no expense. We still provide authentic boxing training and use our team of highly skilled trainers to deliver cutting edge workouts. This however is a space that people would want to be in. Boxing training, Olympic weightlifting, bootcamp, HIT training and personal training all form our remit. We provide elite level coaching for the everyman in a custom built, being space.

Birmingham’s premier boxing gym - personal training, classes, bootcamps, Olympic weightlifting.

The Birmingham Jewellery Quarter, Derwent Works, 6 Henrietta Street, Birmingham B19 3PS
Company registration number: 09814216
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