Our team of boxing coaches all come from an authentic boxing background. They all hold either an ABAE (Amateur Boxing Association) or BBBoC (Professional Boxing) qualification.

They don’t just hold this qualification for show, ALL of them still work actively with elite level boxers at professional and amateur level. We also have a premium squad of elite level amateur boxers who use the gym and several active professionals who use the facility. We enable our everyday gym users ‘the everyman’, the opportunity to work with elite level coaches and train alongside elite level athletes
Our top team of Strength & Conditioning coaches (not Personal Trainers) are externally trained to a premium level in Olympic weightlifting and kettlebell training. This knowledge has been gained from working with top level GB conditioning coaches to develop their skill set. Not only are they qualified, they actively work with implementing these programmes and ALL of our S&C coaches actively work with elite level athletes. Needless to say, international class amateur boxers and professional boxers utilise their skills for Strength and Conditioning work at Henrietta Street Gym. We also have an array of other athletes including UFC fighter Tom Breese and several professional rugby players who utilise our Barbell Club and coaches.

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Birmingham’s premier boxing gym - personal training, classes, bootcamps, Olympic weightlifting.

The Birmingham Jewellery Quarter, Derwent Works, 6 Henrietta Street, Birmingham B19 3PS
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