8 Week Body Transformations

Are you ready to transform the way you look with a short, sharp and intense programme that has a proven track record of producing unbelievable results?

Leading Body Transformation coach Nic Edgerton will show you how to melt away unwanted body fat and sculpt your physique over a short 8-week programme. Our transformations are a great way to….

  • Fast-track for an upcoming holiday/ event
  • Re-ignite your current routine.
  • Kick-start a new gym regime.

These are not one size fits all diet plans or ‘cookie cutter’ diets. They are bespoke and considerations are taken to assess your eating preference, exercise patterns and lifestyle. Nic will communicate your prior, during and after your plan design to ensure your plan works for you. As such, they can be taken and adapted beyond the 8-week programme for you to enjoy continued success for a new, lean and healthy you.

You will be guided with personalised training plans and nutrition plans for you to attain the body of your dreams. You may not have the knowledge, but if you have the desire, we will make you achieve. These plans and this journey will engage our community vibe as we’ll support you to transform your physique over an intense 8-week period. We will nurture you throughout and ensure that you stay consistent and achieve your goals. This is not aimed at Fitness Models, this transformation if for everyday people who lack the knowledge and motivation to achieve their goal of a dream physique.

The package will include.

  • Personalised Nutrition Plan with adaptations
  • Personalised Training Plan with adaptations
  • Unlimited on-line support Q&A
  • 3 weekly Facebook live chats per week where any questions you or the other members of your group cohort have are answered in detail.


  • Henrietta Street Gym Elite Members: £297
  • Other: £347

Optional Bolt On’s

  • Personal Training: £30p.h (a saving of £10 per session)
  • Nic will personally work on a one-to-one basis, you do not need a HSG gym membership for these sessions. Contact Nic to book.
  • Gym Membership: £99 (A saving of £19 on rolling contracts)

You can have access to Henrietta Street Gym for your 8-week transformation. As such we can incorporate our dynamic HIIT classes into your programme and tailor bespoke weights training regimes at our premium facility. Contact Henrietta Street Gym to enrol
Photoshoot: £150 (a saving of £240 for gym hire)
Record your results with a premium private photoshoot at the gym dubbed by leading fitness model Ryan Terry as ‘Britain’s Coolest Gym’. This private studio shoot with leading photographer David Rann. See Nic to book your photoshoot.

Upcoming Transformation Start Dates

  • WC 13th August, ends 7th October/ Last entry 10th August
  • WC 3rd September, ends 28th October/ Last entry 29th August
  • WC 1st October, ends 25th November/ Last entry 26th September
  • WC 29th October, ends 23 December/ Last entry 24th October

I have a few questions first?

We understand that this is a big commitment. Please email Nic on nictdedgerton@gmail.com and he can either return email or schedule a call. Once you’ve committed, your fee is non-refundable.


Please fill in the application form below and proceed to make payment. Nic will respond within 48 hours. If we do not feel the programme will work for you, Nic will contact you to explain why before making a full refund

Apply Now


“It’s only been 4 weeks but I can already feel a lot of changes. I have more energy and focus. Getting 1 to 1 training from Nic has been fantastic and it has helped with improving my form. Nic has been on hand to give advice on nutrition, exercises and food prep. I’m really looking forward to the next 4 weeks.” – G Sagoo

“Dream Team are professional, insightful and enthusiastic about helping me achieve my goal. The diet plan is easy to follow and you are able to easily substitute foods in and out – which is useful given nutrition is the hardest part of the transformation.

With Nic always being available to help with any questions, support is always there. The Facebook sessions are always useful as well – didn’t think I’d end up looking forward to playing them back.

If you’ve always wanted to get in great shape, Nic and Dream Team at HSG will get you there. It’ll be hard mind!!” – A Smith

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